To be considered for membership in the CIRA a student must be attending a college or university listed in Canada. The student must be in good standing and have a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) semester by semester, changing school or programs, student will be treated as ‘new student’​​. All students must attempt nine (9) credits, or equivalent, to be eligible to

compete at rodeos.

Apprenticeship students use four-year apprenticeship limit set by government board as CIRA guideline. Treat years same as semester by semester. Blue book can be replaced with apprenticeship card for CIRA membership approval. A copy must be provided along with membership form to be eligible to compete.

American students competing in Canadian College rodeo must be obtaining at least nine (9) credits at a Canadian school in order to compete in Canadian College Rodeo.​​​​

Membership Requirements

2017- 2018 Season

To obtain a successful membership with the CIRA you must:

1) Students must fill out and complete the entire CIRA membership form to be eligible to compete. Membership must be received by the office two days prior to entries.

2) Payment must be sent with membership – cheque or money order only.

3) Students must provide proof of enrolment from school at the same time as membership. Proof must be an official transcript for full-time students.

4) Apprenticeship/trades students must provide a copy of their acceptance letter from the school with the date that classes begin.

Classes must begin before the first day of the CIRA Finals to be eligible to compete that year.

5) At the beginning of the second semester, all students who have attended school must submit a new transcript with updated grades. Students who have not begun classes at this time or are currently rodeoing on practicum or apprenticeship, are not required to submit anything.

Note: Any NSF cheques will be charged $35.


  • Memberships are $180.
  •  Directors of an event pay a $50 membership fee.
  •  CIRA executive membership is free.

The CIRA Board of Executives and Rough Stock Event Directors have made the decision to create a Roughstock Permit for non post secondary students to assist with building up the roughstock end of the CIRA Events. Please see this listed rules stated on the Permit Application.

Rough Stock Permit