​​Entries Payout Break Down:

1-3       1 Paid 100%

4-7      2 Paid 60% 40%

8-14    3 Paid 50%, 30%, 20%

15-30  4 Paid 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%

31+      6 Paid 29%, 24%, 19%, 14%, 9%, 5%

Weekend Fees For 2 Days:

1 event-$100

2 events $190

3 events $280

4 events $370

5 events $460

Turn Outs/Vets and Medical Outs:

If you have to vet/or medical out of a rodeo, contestant will still be charged.

Contestants will be required to pay their entry fee less $30

(ex. if your fee is $100.00 you will pay $70.00).

Medical and Vet releases must be provided to the office by WEDNESDAY following the rodeo. Failure to do so will result in contestant paying full entry fee. 

If you are turning out with out a vet or medical release, you will be required to pay the full portion of your entry fee.


Trades must be 1 for 1 same day trade. Trade must be submitted the Monday before the rodeo between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm to Braiden Bach. Draw with trades will be updated Wednesday before the Rodeo - This will be the FINAL DRAW. It is contestants responsibility to check the draw.

Entry Fee Break Down:

First event:

 $30 – entry fee
 $10 – committee fee
 $5 – admin fee

 $5 – Finals fee
 Two or more events minus $5 admin fee = $45 (second, third, fourth, fifth events per day)

2017 Rodeos
2018 Rodeos
  • CIRA members can only be set up if they need to be, because of class schedules, exams, or field trips.
  • There will be no set-ups for personal reasons or to compete at different events.
  • The CIRA executive will make decisions on special instances, such as family emergencies and travel issues.
  • Professional rodeos, jackpots, and PBR events will be considered as reason for set-up.